August 24, 2016


CPA’s Certified in Financial Forensics can be appointed “special masters” by the courts … and otherwise investigate things like securities fraud, mortgage fraud and the like..

The can follow the money.. or .. Note .. as it were. They can even determine who the “investor” is…

So.. can the Forensic Investigator locate the paying agent that the investor- borrower – you, needs to contact to have your investment converted from a certificate to FRN’s??

Note: The Lender never lent you any money.. they did not sign the Loan Application, nor the Deed of Trust/Mortgage..   and the Name the Lender is using is not the Name of any licensed mortgage bank…

Your payments go to an escrow account… because you and the lender never signed a contract… and other things of interest are discussed within…


August 18, 2016

Riding with Ryder

How to “Ride” (not Drive) the highway; without the use of a “DRIVERS LICENSE” or traditional “AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE”… lawfully..

Warning.. this is a work in progress…. stay tuned for more..


June 26, 2016

Victims Guide to Poaching

Just things as they may be. Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources has full police powers to enforce the criminal laws of Michigan.. So lets see if they will.

And. is your “car” an off-road vehicle (ORV)?? in need of off-road licensing… as a recreational vehicle.. not “passengers” vehicle.

Also my public record of a complaint sent to the Chief Justice of the United States , and a bit on concealment of the Latin Church from the faithful.


June 15, 2016

No Commission – No Authority

Article II Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States mandates that all officers of the United States shall be commissioned by the President.


They may be appointed by others, but all are commissioned by the President or they are not an officer of the United States.


That includes Federal Judges, U.S. Attorneys, Special Agents, Secretary’s , Commissioners, and..and..and… they all must have a “Letters Patent” (by whatever name) properly executed to be constitutionally appointed.


Anyone claiming to be an officer of the United States (enforcing the laws of the United States), without said executed Commission is “unconstitutionally appointed” and warring with the constitution.


Plus… Did you know that the United States Attorney has a duty to defend the “defendant” in an IRS case? …Yep… it is in their manual…


That and more.. in da video

June 5, 2016

AUDIT THE IRS For unlawful conversion of private property

A special agent of the Treasury made me a “Witness” in an ongoing investigation into the unlawful conversion of private property. .taking my sworn statement and filing my affidavit. . Stay tuned for more.

Also bits and pieces of other attempts to see the laws of the United States executed by its officers, and others bound by constitution.



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