April 28, 2016

Pope Francis Take Judicial Notice

So who can you tell… that the document intended to provide evidence of ones appointment as an officer of the United States invalidates the appointment of said officer?

You need to think about it…. And how you would do it.. then be a DOOOOOOER and Do it..

See video for examples


April 26, 2016


Wow.. the official form (Standard Form 61 Appointment Affidavits) has a fatal flaw in its “style”, making it unsuitable for use as evidence of having complied with the Laws of the United States requiring all federal officers to have sworn and subscribed the Oath of Office found in Title 5 USC §3331.

This would mean that these officers are currently unconstitutionally appointed, and unless the defect is corrected upon notice, they would be considered warring with the constitution.

However even without notice, their official records evidence they are not properly appointed de jure officers of the United States, and cannot execute and enforce the Laws of the United States.

That pisses off “The United States of America” on its behalf I have filed a Qui Tam Criminal Complaint with the Director of the Administration Office of the United States Courts.

That was before realizing we may not be taking advantage of the attorney hired for our use ie: a staff attorney also called a pro se law clerk…. As they should be able to take judicial notice of adjudicative facts and officer procedural advice on filing “into the court”

It is my belief we need to have the “Courts Seal” on our pleadings and exhibits… not just a Clerks Stamp… Courts of record.. have Seals… and indicates that the item has been entered into the court record… we just hardly ever see it.. (but if you watch enough of the video.. you will )…

Finally IN RE ROBERT ALLEN RYTLEWSKI is a involuntary bankruptcy proceeding.. (in my opinion).. and I’ll show you why…. And what action I am using in an attempt to secure a remedy.


April 10, 2016

Sticking Them with the BIll

A video highlighting low cost method of demanding an equitable remedy, and the enforcement of the laws of the United States (or what Republic you inhabit). .

Trying to make a difference to the Common Good instead of a private remedy… by making this issue about their behavior not yours.


April 7, 2016

Wanted officer of the United States (Usurpers need not apply)

Seems I may need a new headset, that and maybe not so much coffee.. forgive the overdriven microphone..

Looking to find “Officers of the United States” that have been lawfully appointed to their office, willing and able to enforce the laws of the United States and end the rebellion and insurrection.


March 10, 2016


How to obstruct justice (as explained by the Supreme Court)

“Applying this understanding, the Court in Buckley unanimously held that the Appointments Clause required that the enforcement, regulatory, and other administrative powers of the Federal Election Commission could properly “be exercised only by ‘Officers of the United States,’ appointed in conformity with” the Clause.

Because the members of the Commission had not been so appointed, the Commission could not constitutionally exercise these powers. ”

It is that simple.. just “pretend” to appoint people to office, so they cannot fulfill the duties of the office.. They can “Act” as a Commissioner, just not “Be” one.

This is not just for the Federal Election Commission, but applies to all appointed “Officers of the United States”. These officers should have some sovereign authority delegated to them. But because their appointment is defective, they are impotent to enforce the laws of the United States, effectively blocking our access to justice.




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