January 14, 2016

Assessment Roll and Property Descriptions

Assessment Roll, Tax Roll, Property Descriptions and Transfers. Every local jurisdictions has someone responsible for assessing property., which includes verifying ownership (right to use, enjoy, dispose of) and this person needs to be “informed” of property transfer (even if just the beneficial use)…



January 7, 2016

Legal Descriptions

Most excellent bits and pieces.. on Legal Descriptions, the Assessor, Revenue stamps used to pay title transfer tax, various “Rolls” and the “Legal Name” of municipal corporations (commonly called a City).


December 13, 2015

Black Robed Terrorist

The “Professional” class (those requiring a license to practice their profession), are all involved in simulated legal processes using color of law.

They do not use the “Name” licensed to practice on supposed official legal documents. In other words they use a name and usurp the powers of a position of privilege for unjust gain.

If they are using a name with middle initial (Robert A. Rytlewski) instead of their “proper person” name (Robert Allen Rytlewski) it’s a matter of deceit and swindle….

More than likely your city or village has an ordinance against fraud / deceit …., can issue subpoena’s, arrest without out warrant, hold hearing for infractions of its ordinances …. their ordinances define the duties of the police, as well as the penalty for violating those duties.

They Mayor can ever declare a state of emergency ……

So instead of fighting your foreclosure or other situation before a Black Robed Terrorist, why not file a report with the Office of Ordinance Enforcement (by whatever name they use)… ??

I have no idea what you will find for ordinances and such. … but most of these crimes are happening within what is called the “County Seat” city (The City of Grand Rapids)… or other incorporated City / Village .. and they seem to have well written Ordinances.. and explain who handles these infractions

December 6, 2015

Simulated Legal Process

One “thing” that is common to all governmental persecutions here in America is that they are Simulated Legal Processes. As such they are in violation of state and federal law.

Because the “courts” and COUNTY are located in a city referred to as the “County Seat” then the COUNTY’s business and officers are under the jurisdiction of the City and its Police.

The City more than likely has a Charter or other authority (private bill) to exist from the state with an obligation to enforce the state laws, ordinances and common law with its borders.

The Black Robed Priest and false accusing Attorney at Law crowd are simulating a legal process by not using their proper person name on supposed official documents …

So go to the police of the City in which the Court is located and file a complaint against the Attorney / Judge./ Clerk .. ets.. whom ever is using an initial in place of a name on documents…. and simulating a legal process using color of law which is an international crime against humanity. (and more than likely a violation of penal code or criminal laws.. )….

Seems like a plan… and I am just about there… but wanted to do an information dump before I forgot an important fact.. (only time will tell)…




November 8, 2015

We Want to Know

Using the Postal Service as your 3rd party witness, and investigator into mail matters.


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