November 8, 2015

We Want to Know

Using the Postal Service as your 3rd party witness, and investigator into mail matters.

November 4, 2015

Signed…. Sealed…. & Delivered (By the post office)

Signed…. Sealed…. & Delivered (By the post office) …

Missing just One “Step” in a process can ruin the whole batch.. be it Chocolate Chip Cookies, White Lightning Moon Shine, or … Legal Documents recognized by courts.

“Legal Paper” is a type of paper, not a size; and that “type” is white bond paper. (and …. if you have to use it…. So do “They” .. and “They” are not).

That maybe the type of paper used, but …it is not all that it takes to make your document Court worthy.. That seems to take an addition of a fiscal “stamp” on the document .. (from the post office??).. and postage also on the document..

You do not put your postage on the envelope (it is only a cover), you put it on the letter your paying to have transmitted in the mail of the United States.

The post office will cancel by postmark “slips of paper” that have the First Class “first ounce” postage affixed, and hand it back to you…. So says their manual..

Now with the right paper “stamped” to make it Court Worthy… have the postal worker witness your signature, with their signature and seal, and then deliver it to the intended recipient, making the post office your official witness…. they have an obligation to “execute instruments”..

So who might you send something to?? I will be trying the officers of the “County Seat”…. The City where the pretend county courts and officers have their offices.. The “County Seat City” … has a Charter or other General Law authority given it.. for which it has an obligation to enforce the state law ..within its jurisdiction…. But more on that in the video…
Lastly many complaints about what you are being “mailed” should be directed to your local post office… , like using the mail for fraud…by sending you a simulated legal process… (They are not using “watermarked bond paper”).

I don’t believe your Deed of Trust/Mortgage is on “bond paper”.. .. so in common law it is not a legal document… Foolscap paper has been used since the 1400’s… and other methods prior to….

You need to use bond paper… or your document will never be “legal”; add an additional stamp….makes it court admissible … Or so it seems… and will be subject of next video…

October 25, 2015

All Politics is Local

All Politics is Local
(why that may matter)

Remedy maybe as close as the “appointees” selected by; “County Commissioners”, enforcing the policy and procedures established by the same

September 3, 2015

Civil or Common Law Notary

Civil or Common Law “Notary”

Like it or not two different forms of law are alive and well in the Western world. Civil and Common Law “courts” exist and have their own requirements.

So what’s the chances if you are in a “civil case” jurisdiction that a requirement would be that the “notary” be a civil law notary?? Seems likely and if it is and you used a Common Law notary.. well they may not “see” the papers. It would be an instrument in the wrong form.

A civil law notary is also called a lawyer …. With certain expertise .. so what’s the chance some attorneys at law might have expertise in these fields? Who else can the be??

Why it matters is, that a civil law notary instrument is considered a self-authenticating public instrument. And so if you get them to “witness” your signature, then that document has full faith and credit in all courts.

Or so it seems, …and then there is more.. like who can enforce the Notary Laws, and how to get them to do it, looking for the common law coroner (Crowner), Election Fraud and more ….

The bottom line is that a Peace officer has a duty to initiate a criminal investigation in matters of election fraud.

None of these supposed elected or appointed Judges, or most count officers , city and township are not properly holding office so I’ll show you were to find the evidence, and leave it to you to point out the crime.. you see. ..

I am doing the ones I can but there is a lot of room for more witnesses of the truth, so join in. If you believe in the Christ Jesus of Nazareth, then believe there is a lawful civil authority who does have the coercive powers of state. They are victims of the same lie, and saying what is true to them, may give them ears to hear and eyes to see.

August 30, 2015

Education Day USA March 26 1991

“Welcome to America”


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